Lori Lawrence

Artist Bio

Murals were my first occupation through the City Arts Office of Albany for several glorious years. I taught drawing at Sage College in Albany. I then took a position as the Fine Arts Mentor at the Empire State College in Albany. The greatest thing about that was working on classes with other professors, such as a course called Images of the Self, including psychology and literature. I was asked to do a long residency at the Fort Ticonderoga school district that included the idea of self-portraiture. This began a twenty-five-year career as an artist-in-education. Many large murals, and mixed media student collaborative works later, I decided to teach art part-time to adults who have traumatic brain injuries at the Living Resources Center in Albany.

I have shown my work throughout the northeast, and southern east coast. My work is about nature and my need to be outside and observe. I have always been spiritually complete when walking and hiking.

Artist Statement