Iryna Chaboryk

Artist Bio

Born in Ukraine Iryna Chaboryk was raised with a family history in fine art. With art as a constant background (her mother and grandfather were artists), she became interested in landscape design and fashion design. In 1998 she graduated from Kalush State College of Art and Culture, majoring in Folk and Decorative Art. In 2004 she majored and earned a degree in Art and Landscape Design from the State University of Senior Personnel of Culture and Art in Kyiv.

Upon immigrating to the United States in 2007, Chaboryk had taken a keen interest in the role of a fine artist, fusing her previous learnings of fashion to give a unique design and breath to a canvas by using recycled materials such as fabric, and twine to breathe a second life into it. Chaboryk is now a multi-disciplinary artist currently working with multimedia paintings, sculptures, and light installations. She has had her artwork featured in many galleries and group shows including the A.R.C. Gallery, Chicago, and RAC Gallery, Rowayton, CT. She has received numerous awards, including an Award of Pop-up Art from the Art Society of Old Greenwich, in 2020.

Her broad knowledge and wide range of artistry gives her the ability to stretch her art beyond the bounds of a singular canvas. Irina’s work is extremely expressive and highly symbolic, focusing on interpersonal psychology and a woman’s attempt to find individuality. The physical elements of her artwork - ranging from nature scenes full of rocks and trees, to studies of people and places, to snapshots of the fun and whimsical - perfectly capture the heart and mind of Chaboryk. By integrating contemporary tastes into her well-schooled techniques, Chaboryk has fused styles in a way that brings life into her memories – and ode to self-determination

Artist Statement