Guglielmo Botter

Artist Bio

Guglielmo Botter started to sketch using an ink pen at 5 y.o. when his father, a professor at the Fine Art Academy in Venice, introduced him to this technique; he won many contests for young artists and finally in 1980 an urban sketch of Treviso became an official stamp of the Italian Post (350000 participants).

Architect in 1993, Guglielmo continued to draw besides his professional activity. The economic crisis made him rethink his life: In 2012 he decided to come back to the USA where his mother lived and worked as an artist from the ‘50s to the ‘60s.

He was well welcomed and his first drawings of the “Steel City” were soon published on the cover of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette giving him the opportunity to be introduced to the US public. He exhibited in many US cities on the east coast and In 2018 he started to work also in Germany.

The choice of the urban subject has led him to travel, to know, and always appreciate new places. From the cities, we know the people, customs and habits, the strengths and weaknesses, which all together characterize each population...

Guglielmo likes the contrast between modern and historic buildings: his simple sign in black and white helps to blend very well details of the contemporary era.

He works with a pencil, an ink pen, and a sheet of paper. What the artist really needs is the inspiration that a landmark or an intricate view of buildings can give to him.

Artist Statement