ArtPlacer Solo Exhibitions

Lana Matskiv

March 1 – March 31, 2023

Lana Matskiv is a Ukrainian Canadian artist, who works in oil and graphite. Seven years ago, she walked away from a successful legal career as she had stories to tell on canvases and paper –those of her Ukrainian roots and people she met on the journey to her new homeland of Canada. Since then, she participated in numerous group shows both in Canada and the US, had a solo show at the Toronto Shevchenko Museum and HMVC Gallery in New Your, NY, USA, auctioned her works through Waddington’s for charities in aid of Ukraine, and received awards at international art competitions.
Lana creates figurative symbolist works painting in layers with painstaking attention to tale-telling details, old masters’ style. The dramatic colors of the Baroque chiaroscuro tradition push her personages to the frontal plane of the painting, bringing them out of the frame and closer to the viewer. Characters and allegoric objects in Lana’s paintings speak for humanity. They engage you with their intense gaze, contrasting colors, and contextual setting. They establish an immediate emotional connection and an in-depth look into their personal realities and history. Whether dressed up in stage costumes or stripped naked, Lana’s subjects come alive
through the artist’s exploration of their souls in realistic or imaginary settings.


Heini Mika

New York artist Heini Mika’s contemporary art serves the viewer a palette of vibrant colors and dynamic shapes while she lets you in on a story. For Heini, women, fairytales, and history have been an important source of inspiration throughout her career as an artist and this can be observed in her rich and intriguing original artworks.