ArtPlacer Solo Exhibitions

Angela Ruth Dagostino

January 30 – February 28, 2023

My dad was a barber. My mom was a florist. So, boom… I was born surrounded by creative spirits. I had a proclivity for the arts as an indication that my life work would evolve as an artist very early on. During high school and college, I landed jobs in the commercial graphic arts field. I did advertising using many manual tools of the trade like paste-up and layout, photo retouching, stat camera, IBM composer, pen and ink drawing, and illustration. My work then was diversified and fast-paced for the corporate world. I was a young artist and an extension of management. Alas, I moved into fine art. The majority of my work now is focused on painting. My paintings are seen, shared, purchased, and collected worldwide. You can find me on,,

Heini Mika

New York artist Heini Mika’s contemporary art serves the viewer a palette of vibrant colors and dynamic shapes while she lets you in on a story. For Heini, women, fairytales and history have been an important source of inspiration throughout her career as an artist and this can be observed in her rich and intriguing original artworks.