ArtPlacer Solo Exhibitions

Gayle Faulkner

November 25 – December 25, 2022

“I have termed my paintings Textural Acrylics and I get very excited as I watch the paint come off the palette knife in a variety of textures and combinations of color. Every painting is full of emotion and in-the-moment creativity. I start with an idea and a very loose drawing, usually 5-6 lines of composition, and then become immersed in the process. I have always said that a painting is like a child that you nurture, have conversations with, and work through the teenage angst with love and patience and what emerges is a beautiful adult. When I paint, I put on the music (louder than I would have let my children play it), dance to the beat, and even sing, which is a terrible sound. I want my joy to come across to the viewer and I want them to share the beautiful place that I have created. All are invited to enter the painting, smell the flowers, listen to the rustle of the leaves, lean against a tree and just breathe.”


Poornima Dayal

November 21 – December 21, 2022

Poornima Dayal has been painting since 1984. She began expressing her love for the art through oils on canvas, as she found the medium very fluid and easy to work with. Since 2019, her ‘passionate affair with the brush’ as she lovingly terms it transformed from using oils to Acrylics on canvas. Acrylics lend a brilliant texture on the board, are luminous, and may be used to paint a splendid array of art forms, says Poornima. There’s also a display of her imagination through colors and hues with a lucid depiction of the sense around the artwork.

She narrates stories through abstract forms of art and has also been currently doing a lot of abstract ‘form play’. The artworks presented here represent her sense of expression and fluidity around her ideas about Freedom. To her freedom is the way to live and love yourself completely. Termed ever as a person beyond her times, she has always chosen her path from her heart, following her own dictates, and respecting her beliefs. Living to love herself, with not a caring attitude about how the world may wish or perceive her to be. ‘That’s the way of life for me’, says the artist. Compassion and joy are exhibited through her artworks.


Corinne Whitaker

November 7 – December 7, 2022

Monterey County Weekly:
“Corrine Whitaker: Digital Mindscapes, a must-see exhibit at the Monterey Museum of Art that is on display until Aug. 21. The pieces on display feel like art from a mind released from the limits of the physical world – as if the electricity between the folds of the brain has been captured within a frame. They are psychedelic, layered, chaotic and digital. The artist, 87-year-old Corrine Whitaker, is a pioneer in the digital art world who began exploring art using personal computers as far back as the 1980s. In 1994, she founded the online art journal Digital Giraffe, the same year in which she visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to give what is considered the first lecture on digital art. She has since been one of the medium’s leading voices and her exhibit at the Monterey Museum of Art is not to be missed. [CN]”

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Heini Mika

New York artist Heini Mika’s contemporary art serves the viewer a palette of vibrant colors and dynamic shapes while she lets you in on a story. For Heini, women, fairytales and history have been an important source of inspiration throughout her career as an artist and this can be observed in her rich and intriguing original artworks.