Xiangyue Zhu


Medium: Silver, Gold Foil, Stones

Dimensions (In INs): 3 x 3

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Xiangyue is a passionate jeweler whose creations are captivating windows into her soul. With an abstract style and enameling techniques, she infuses each piece with a unique essence that reflects the beauty and complexities of our world. Her art explores human relationships, social issues, and the interplay of emotions.

Conscious of our impact on the environment, Xiangyue carefully selects materials that harmonize nature's beauty with her artistic vision. Through enameling, she evokes organic patterns, celebrating the diverse life on our planet. Her work reminds us of our interconnectedness and responsibility as stewards of the Earth.

Xiangyue fearlessly explores the unspoken world of mental health in her creations. Drawing from her own experiences with depression and anxiety, she incorporates the transformative journey into her pieces. Each work reflects her unique perspective and invites viewers to engage with pressing social issues.

Artist Statement