Mindy Tillery

Beach Ballin

Medium: Encaustic Mixed Media

Dimensions (In INs): 20 x 16

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Native Miami-born Mindy Tillery, a contemporary mixed media artist grew up with a love and deep appreciation of being surrounded by beautiful spaces, both in her childhood home as well as in the natural world. She studied art and architecture, with a passion for creating living spaces that reflect a balance of elegance with practicality. Her creative journey has led her to many opportunities including jewelry design and interior design. After her successful career as a professional interior designer, she felt called back to her first passion and returned to her artistic roots as a full-time practice in 2020.

She has carefully observed and feels that beauty is essential as an indication of divine order in the universe, from the connection and arrangement of patterns in the microcosms of the natural world to the macrocosms of the vast galaxies. Her fascination with flora, fauna, fashion, sacred geometry, and astronomy as well as profound truths discovered in poetry including music, dance, meditation, philosophy, and prayer, are what she deeply expresses through her art by analyzing and interpreting dreams through symbols and patterns.

Current themes she’s experimenting with are; patterns found in both the micro and macro elements of nature and the cosmos, exploring her personal creative expression through deeply personal, inner reflective, intuitive emotions in order to foster personal harmony, healing, and well-being in an oftentimes chaotic world.

Her process consists of exploration and experimentation, layering mixed mediums. Working with lustrous encaustics has led her on a journey into the dreamy and mysterious. Her personal creative process consists of using various mediums such as oil + cold wax, oil sticks, pan pastels, ink, collage, and encaustic medium to name a few, building up the surface as well as excavating in various layers to achieve a multi-dimensional visual experience.

Artist Statement