Coy Quakenbush

Bird Of Paradise

Medium: Color Pigmented Clay Slip On Canvas

Dimensions (In INs): 20 x 24

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

To introduce myself, I am Coy Quakenbush. I am presently living on the land I grew up on.

I am a self-taught art pottery maker, painter, sculptor, and all-around clay person. I use clay building techniques from the turn of the millennium. I have my own studio and recently new, CoyQ Artworks Gallery, at my home/studio, in a semi-rural area in central NC, USA. I started my art journey in 1997. I was looking for a hobby to pass the time in the evenings before bedtime. So much for the hobby side when I happened on a bag of clay and a videotape about the potters in Mata Ortiz, Mexico. Now, I not only make fabulous Mata Ortiz Pottery, but also, I do sculptures, paintings, Raku pottery, pit-fired pottery, and epoxy-decorated pieces, to name some of the other art directions I travel. I have just recently started investigating the use of high-voltage wood burning incorporated into my artwork.

Artist Statement