Jake Sheykhet

Black Lung

Medium: Wiremesh

Dimensions (In INs): 36 x 24

Country: United States of America

Artist Bio

Jake Sheykhet is a 20-year-old mixed-medium artist currently attending Brown University. Jake works with a wide variety of media, which includes but is not limited to construction materials, wire mesh, found objects, photography, Photoshop, and oil paint. Many of his long-form artworks are oil paintings atop which he sculpts with construction materials and everyday found objects (paper towels, cotton balls, twigs).

Jake's style is informed most directly by his Soviet roots. Both of his parents are from Kyiv, Ukraine. The art instructor that has influenced his output most directly is also of Soviet origin. It is unsurprising then that the films of Tarkovsky, and Eastern Orthodox icons are referenced throughout his body of work.

Artist Statement