Lauri Smith

Dawns Visitors


Medium: Sculpture: Silicone, Mohair, Gold, Resin, Glass

Dimensions (In INs): 18 x 38

Country: Australia

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Artist Bio

Lauri is an artist influenced by magic realism and surrealism. She is currently residing in the inner west of Sydney, Australia. Lauri was born in South Africa and immigrated to Melbourne Australia as a small child where her obsession for Jim Henson’s creatures in the films The Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal influenced her passion for art. She went on to study for a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sydney and then completed a Diploma in Special Effects Makeup and prop making leading to a career in TV, film, and fashion. Collectively, all these experiences guided her to establish her own art practice, delving into her sculpture.

Lauri has been awarded several art awards such as first prize in The Contemporary Art Awards, Art Collectors Prize and winner of Curators Choice Awards, and several Honor Awards.
Throughout the years she has exhibited in solo, group, and finalist exhibitions around Australia, Europe, UK, and Asia. Lauri has an upcoming solo exhibition in Melbourne and New York.

Artist Statement