Gayle Faulkner

Deep Woods Symbiotic

Medium: Textural Acrylic

Dimensions (In INs): 24 x 20

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Gayle Faulkner, with over 35 years of artistic exploration and creativity, stands as a seasoned watercolor, acrylic, and mural artist. Her journey has been marked by constant exploration, a playful engagement with diverse media, and an unwavering commitment to growth in the world of art. Her academic journey, rooted in a BA in Sociology from William Jewel College in Liberty, Missouri, initially led her to work with children, integrating art into their day-to-day experiences. Gayle's passion for art eventually pulled her into a more immersive pursuit. At Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, she delved into Art and Design courses, unlocking her artistic soul. The willingness to ”put herself out there” coupled with years of hard work and a penchant for thinking outside the box, allowed her to undergo a major growth period. Finally, the challenges posed by the COVID-19 quarantine became a catalyst for Gayle's artistic metamorphosis, leading her to focus on acrylic paintings on canvas. Engaging in online courses and dedicating countless hours in the studio, has led Gayle to newfound success in her career as an artist. In her current artistic chapter, Gayle has embraced the multi-dimensional world of layered acrylic painting. These layered landscape paintings pulsate with depth, intricate patterns, and whimsical interpretations, inviting viewers to step into a space that offers a sanctuary from life's pressures. Her aspiration is clear — to guide everyone towards a place, be it a memory or a dream, where they can meander, savor the fragrance of flowers, feel the gentle breeze, lean against a tree, and simply breathe. Gayle's works have graced numerous exhibitions, gallery shows, and juried art festivals, earning accolades and finding homes in corporate and private collections across the globe.

Artist Statement