Bryan Bromstrup

Desert Roads Are Callin’ Me

Medium: Digital Photograph Manipulation

Dimensions (In INs): 16 x 16

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Bryan Bromstrup is a self-taught artist who started oil painting in 2013 after suggestions from family artists going back four generations. He paints what he enjoys in life or whatever excites the artist inside him. Bryan continues to expand his artistic talents in oil painting and photography and other digital mediums. Originally, from Beech Grove, IN he currently resides in Terre Haute IN.

Bryan’s Great Grandmother was an artist. She encouraged and taught his mother to paint and after retirement, his Grandfather took up oil painting completing three generations. For most of his life, his mother had been encouraging Bryan to carry on an artistic legacy and the family tradition. During a holiday discussion in December of 2012, his mother talked him into giving painting a try, and after watching a couple of Bob Ross Joy of Painting episodes he sat down to paint his first piece. Hundreds of oil pieces later you could say the rest is history…

Bryan’s art comes from life experiences. It might be from pop culture or from observing interesting things around him, but it definitely comes from music, travel, and his love for the National Parks. “I’ve learned something new from every painting I have ever done. As I get older, I find the artist in me has come to the forefront, expanding the simple things I always did into pieces of art. When it comes to being creative, I look beyond the how to do it and enjoy the process of just letting the brush work its magic.” Bryan’s artwork rarely overlaps in representation as all have a distinct style. He likes to call his art style, “Bryanism”. You can find his art regularly on display throughout Indiana and online at galleries across the U.S.

Artist Statement