Audrey Brown


Medium: Acrylic

Dimensions (In INs): 36 x 44

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

In all of Audrey Brown’s paintings, you will find a thread of a story. Some stories are closer to the surface than others, but all are woven to evoke memories and a sense of wonder. That sense of wonder has been a lifelong pursuit. First art lessons began at Cranbrook, after school, and a high school trip to the Netherlands marked a dream to pursue art at any cost After graduating from CCA in Oakland, I became an art teacher and arts advocate at a state level. Eventually, opportunities to study in France, Italy, Boston, and the UK. Studying with artists Raymond Saunders, Alyssa Monks, Scott Conary, Alex Kanevsky, David Shevilino, Randy Sexton, Carol Tarzier, and more. Capturing the beauty of these places, layering it into the narrative and landscapes of the San Francisco Bay Area has made her art instantly recognizable. Brown’s lifelong battles with debilitating depression are balanced with a visual narrative that is whimsical, evocative, and haunting.

Artist Statement