Adrienne Bodisch


Medium: Gouache

Dimensions (In INs): 8 x 8

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Adrienne is an ASL/English Interpreter by day and a dabbler in all things colorful by night. She started her art career at an age when it was still acceptable (and necessary!) to paint a swirly mustache on her face before even attempting to put brush to paper. That was when art could last all afternoon. Now that she is an adult and has responsibilities, she has to art in the in-betweens.

She lives in Not-Really-Lansdale, Pennsylvania with her niece, her two cats, and a Tulip Poplar that she stole from a nearby park. She enjoys the fiber arts, the piano, the yoga; and has one dress in all the colors that she rotates on a weekly basis.

Artist Statement