Kelly Steller Hrad

First Things First

Medium: 3-Dimensional Oil

Dimensions (In INs): 48 x 24

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Kelly Steller Hrad is a contemporary abstract painter who expresses her thoughts on canvas through multiple mediums from acrylic to 3-Dimensional oil and beyond. Her artwork is an expression of life through color and line and captivates the eye with rich vivid layers. Her distinctive style exudes joy and peace and expresses a vibrant spirit that emanates off the canvas.

For Kelly, art is a lifelong journey. She has always loved color, creating, imagining, and exploring the arts. Growing up there were countless road trips that offered the time to appreciate the art of nature, architecture, museums, and galleries. As the miles rolled by from sunrise to sunset, Kelly took in the mountains, valleys, canyons, and prairies. Stashing these stunning visuals away in her memory.

Decades later she now draws on those memories to inspire her work. Kelly’s hope is that her journey will create a pause, a connection, and a conversation that enhances someone else's journey.

Artist Statement