Medium: Ink, Charcoal, Oil Pastel, Conte, And Pencil

Dimensions (In INs): 22 x 30

Country: France

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Artist Bio

From childhood, I expressed my identity through clothing. I was often criticized for being “too much”, for my style and personality being louder than my family or community felt was appropriate. I was labeled as “weird” for my affinity for gender-bending outfits or to show my style with a trash bag skirt paired with an Angora sweater. Despite my enthusiasm for my personal expression this did leave me feeling alone sometimes.

When I first heard the word bisexual my spiritual identity came into focus and the way I expressed myself (as a femme/tomboy) suddenly made sense. I was no longer the black sheep - I was bisexual, a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

As an adult, I’ve expanded my interest in personal fashion to my fascination with historical garments. I observed there was gender-bending throughout the ages, such as with Victorian dresses which had womanly skirts and curves while the bodices were tailored like menswear.

Along with a profound desire to be understood, which constantly impacts how I move through the world, my sexual identity and its expression have galvanized me into an authentic self. From here, I’m able to make work that I hope speaks to other queer women, and beyond.

Artist Statement