Sean Gray

Natura Omega

Medium: Oil Painting

Dimensions (In INs): 15 x 15

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Sean Gray, born in Denver, Colorado, is a contemporary artist. Drawing from his personal experiences and inner emotional spaces, Sean creates art that ranges from expressive abstracts to realistic portraits, and everything in between. He believes that the style of art should suit the subject matter or the message the artist is trying to convey, and as such, Sean is constantly exploring and pushing the boundaries of his creativity.

Sean's art has evolved into a purely personal and exploratory interaction with mark-making and materiality while switching between numerous themes and aesthetics. He alternates his work between exacting artisanal technique and the aesthetics of abstraction because he is fascinated by how the physical characteristics of mediums express a mood, a story, a moment, or even a gesture. Whether it is combining various materials or differing techniques, he places a lot of value on authenticity and mindfulness.

Artist Statement