Joanna Levesley

Queens Gambit

Medium: Pen, Ink And Acrylic Paint

Dimensions (In INs): 23 x 33

Country: United Kingdom

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Artist Bio

Joanna Levesley is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Sheffield, England. She works with various mediums and in various styles, the most distinctive using pen and ink. Colour is used but more often she leans towards monochromatic expression. Her work captures the eye drawing you in to explore further, captivating her audience with hidden detail.

Most of Joanna’s work evolves purely from her imagination and the subject matter from whatever piques her interest be it nature, music, or fantasy.

Joanna has had no formal training within the art world but has always aspired to create complex pieces to draw people in to observe the world from her mind’s eye.

Joanna’s artwork is now being entered into exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

Artist Statement