Fariba Baghi

Shadows II

Medium: Mixed Media

Dimensions (In INs): 52 x 61

Country: Canada

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Artist Bio

Fariba’s upbringing in Iran has sincerely affected her perception of art. Namely, it has given awareness regarding the convergence of history, social events, and related environmental settings. This influence gives expression and life to the art of capturing. Fariba’s masterful ethereal abstract explores the connection between the human body and delicate elements of nature.

Fariba’s creations evolve as different personal events impact her life. A healthy balance between organic and earth-tone colors allows the incorporation of variety and diversity into her creation. Fariba is not bound to one medium or method of imagination. Fariba’s work can be found in numerous exhibitions in Toronto and New York.

Artistic expression comes in stages and each stage takes a different mood, method, and medium to fully complete itself.

Artist Statement