Agata Matczak


Medium: Acrylic

Dimensions (In INs): 35 x 47

Country: Germany

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Artist Bio

Agata Matczak - Born in Poland, she currently lives in Germany. Even as a child, she showed great artistic abilities in the field of painting and drawing. Love for nature and the accompanying phenomena prompts her to study at the Faculty of Physics and deepen the secrets of nature, but she never gives up her passion for painting, which over time turns into something more.

A graduate of physics through her paintings takes us into the fascinating world of colors. For her, creating art is a very deep and emotional process. Her world is shimmering with colors, because Nature is her main source of inspiration, which through its contrasts, shadows, refractions, and reflections creates the opportunity to observe amazing effects that she transfers to the canvas, creating fascinating spectacles of colors, feelings, and emotions such as freedom, joy, pain, and longing.

Her paintings are very intuitive and personal, full of hope, passion, and gratitude for the beautiful world around us. Whether we see something more in this magical world depends only on ourselves.

Artist Statement