Sugar Rush

Medium: Paper Cut

Dimensions (In INs): 9 x 9

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

GirlSpit is a Seattle Stencil Artist. She created her name by combining the identity of a fictitious NYC Graffiti Artist (Spit) and the sexism within Graffiti Culture—combating Male Dominance with the addition of Girl. The juxtaposition of the stereotype of sweetness, Girl. Against the severity of an action, Spit.

GirlSpit completed formal training in various mediums: Acrylic painting at age 7, watercolors at age 10, illustration and graphic design at age 16 – and finally settling on the style of stencil art.

Stencils require advanced drawing, precise cutting, and controlled spray paint techniques. Girlspit never lets a computer generate or cut the image. Each piece is drawn and cut by hand.

GirlSpit started her art path as an adult in Street art and has transitioned to showing professionally in galleries. Her work can be seen at various galleries across Seattle as well as inside the Seattle Space Needle.

Her main medium is paper cuts. This is a unique take on the stencil and street art genre. Generally, in stencil art, the stencil is used to create a new piece of art with spray paint. In this case, the stencil IS the piece of art as a framed paper cut. This is a cutting-edge way to bridge the gap between street art and professional gallery settings.

GirlSpit is a proud member of the Guild of American Papercutters.

Artist Statement