Veronika Slívová

Sun Dance

Medium: Acrylic On Canvas

Dimensions (In INs): 27 x 39

Country: Czech Republic

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Artist Bio

Born in Prague in 1975, she still lives there and works.

She started painting abstract art in 2019. Studying at the Spiritual Academy has helped her discover what her heart desires- to be a painter. An abstract painter who shows her inner world.

She often associates painting with words. Poetry is an important part of a painting, it gives it a meaningful message or reference. It is her way of communicating with the outside world. She is a human being, a creator who communicates a message through colors and words. She likes to explore everything in depth, working with inner feelings and looking for answers to questions. If she finds the inner peace she draws from nature, then she also hears the answers.

The image is the result of all sensations, so it remains forever. She wants to merge everything into one.

Artist Statement