Gordon Sizelove

Terrible Beauty

Medium: Acrylic On Canvas

Dimensions (In INs): 25 x 40

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Gordon Sizelove is a painter who uses geometric forms and vivid colors to express universal themes.

That process of perception has been a lifelong subject of study for Sizelove. As an art educator and then a special education teacher who taught students with dyslexia or had other perceptual differences, he realized the wide range of methods by which people make meaning. "People have to realize that their own mind is constructing what they are seeing," he comments. This correlates with the modern art world's movement toward nonrepresentational art and the discoveries of relativity theory and quantum mechanics, all of which emphasize the process of acquiring knowledge rather than settling on any final meaning. His paintings are a way to study "the interface between humans, our minds, and the universe," the inter-relations of which are inextricable. "We're not rulers," he adds, " but beings in an interdependent way."

Artist Statement