Erica Castellini

The Power Of A Woman

Medium: Paper, Acrylic, Resin And Gold Leaf On Hardboard

Dimensions (In INs): 15 x 12

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Erica Castellini is a self-trained, multi-media artist who is also a practicing, licensed acupuncturist and clinical social worker. Her works are inspired by both her personal and professional experiences and relationships.

Her artwork and process have morphed into her visual language and become a primary outlet of expression, it provokes as she pulls us along the journey of her internal joys and struggles.

The theatrical, dramatic, and divine are layered throughout her works and in the process, she has used reoccurring themes and a sharp whit.
Placing the divine of woman and all the earthly delights that have been woven throughout history placed these images front and center in a contemporary context that embraces empowerment, sexuality, and diversity. An unapologetic view from her personal experiences and emotions.

Erica Castellini lives and works in Asbury Park, NJ, a seaside community that is best known as a mecca for musicians and artists.
The depth of her body of work includes collages, paintings, and sculptures. She finds inspiration among her peers and her passion for the creative process which allows for a greater dialogue that inspires her on a daily basis.

Artist Statement