Sara Victoria Sandberg

The Springbearer

Medium: Digital Photo Artistry

Dimensions (In INs): 23 x 23

Country: Sweden

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Artist Bio

Sara Victoria Sandberg is an internationally renowned photo artist based in Stockholm who combines her own photography with digital painting. Sara has developed a personal style of working with light and shadow to shape the vision she has into a finished artwork. Here is where photography and artistic creativity melt together. Sara has a long-standing background in watercolour painting and her painterly thinking is an integral part of the creative process.

Sara’s artwork is characterized by beauty, mystery, storytelling, and sometimes wit combined. To create artistry that transcends the boundaries of reality in images that evoke feelings and thoughts in the viewer is an essential motivator. Animals are often used as a vehicle to carry a story forward. The main source of inspiration is always nature, personal feelings, and the inspiration of a moment.

Sara has been represented at various exhibitions both at home and abroad. Her artwork has received numerous international accolades and publications.

Artist Statement