Ray Besserdin

To Seaside

Medium: Sculptured Paper With Ink Tint

Dimensions (In INs): 37.5 x 37.5

Country: Australia

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Artist Bio

Born to artist parents, with a 33-year career, Ray Besserdin is an internationally recognized entirely self-taught artist. Ray pioneered his signature “Impressionist Sculptured Paper” style, inspired by the French Impressionist painters, to capture expression and emotion without realism, using sculptured torn papers, much like bas-relief, working with a “palette” of sheet-formed papers providing a wide spectrum of colors, textures, solidity, and delicate translucency. Works range from abstract to ultra-realistic, from miniature to gigantic. Nature is his favorite subject, but he loves portraiture too. Works hang in private and corporate collections in London, Munich, Manhattan, Tokyo, New Zealand, and throughout Australia.

Artist Statement