Medium: Mixed Media

Dimensions (In INs): 28 x 22

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

N_Mori: A mixed media artist who defies boundaries by drawing from a palette that ranges from clean lines to grungy expressions. After an extended hiatus, she is back with a vengeance, invoking raw emotion and diverse themes in her work. Each piece, is a deeply personal exploration, either paying homage to its subject, or serving as a vehicle for mourning, forgiveness, or healing.

N_Mori's art is a voyage into the realm of emotions; a portal to unfettered feelings and thoughts. They refuse to prescribe meaning, allowing viewers to forge their own interpretations through their unique lenses. The mixed media approach adds layers to this storytelling, providing a rich canvas for engagement.

In every creation, vulnerability, and strength are intertwined. Each piece represents a courageous step into the world, a manifestation of vitality harnessed through therapeutic expression. It's an invitation for you to feel, ponder, and connect, a unique and personal journey that unfolds with each viewing.

Artist Statement