Cara Roberts

United By Beauty

Medium: Mixed Media - Watercolour, Gouache And Acrylic

Dimensions (In INs): 35 x 61

Country: United Kingdom

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Artist Bio

This work focuses on embracing the uniqueness of individuals with unusual facial pigmentation. As I see it, a fair world is one in which all people - irrespective of race, social class, or disability - can have a positive self-concept. Self-concept revolves around the face, as it is the primary means by which humans recognize and interact with each other. Vitiligo is a rare autoimmune skin condition that manifests uniquely in each individual. Having vitiligo myself, I see it first-hand. It has never defined me but it is part of me. Back in 2014, I was inspired by model Winnie Harlow who gained prominence as a contestant on the U.S. television series ‘America’s Next Top Model’. I was struck by how she had chosen to embrace her vitiligo and use it to her advantage rather than conforming to the expectation that she should either camouflage or shy away from society and accept restricted access to social rôles. I view the subjects of these paintings as shining rôle models for people with unique facial features. They are breaking down barriers and, in so doing, are paving the way for others to follow. My aim is to destigmatize vitiligo and to promote those unique individuals for whom it is part of daily life.

Artist Statement