Ed Whitmore

Vision Of El Dorado Aka Venus Arising

Medium: Oxidized Iron Copper And Bronze Metal Effects Paint On Wood

Dimensions (In INs): 36 x 60

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Both of my parents were born in Poland and survived the complete destruction of their families and their way of life. I was born in the Bronx and spent my formative years living in Paterson, New Jersey, an industrial city that was home to past triumphs but now has become a place of gloom and hopelessness. I sometimes hand chisel wood planks prior to painting which gives the work a 3D effect and has distant echoes of the bas-relief panels chiseled in stone from ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. When I was a young man, I developed an interest in ancient civilizations, cave art, ancient cairns, and Earth Mother Goddess sites which all served to reinforce my yearning for a lost past, a mindset reflected in my choice of medium - the evocative build up of patina that develops as a result of the oxidation of iron copper and bronze metal effects paint. For the close observer, somber themes of decay and loss can be found in many of my pieces.

Artist Statement