Arlet Gomez

Artist Bio

Arlet Gomez, a contemporary painter from Cuba, knew from a very young age that art was her path, so with the support of her family she focused on studying art at all levels that her country offered. She first graduated from a painting academy, and then received a Degree in Fine Arts, [2009] from ISA, University of Arts in Cuba. Now a professional artist in Palm Beach, Florida, she is compelled by the need to express her desires for coexistence, freedom, longing for roots, and enlightenment of the human essence. With eight solo exhibitions and several group shows around the world, her artistic career began with large canvases of vibrant colors that mostly included the Braille system in their compositions. She seeks to transport painting as a technique to another dimension and turn it into an inclusive experience. Each piece is a direct reflection of her childhood memories, personal stories from her homeland, and her migration to Europe and America, thus translating feelings and longings into visual experiences. Gomez's work explores the connection between human beings and nature and their spiritual threads, linking destiny with origins, apprehension with enlightenment. As she continues to evolve, she hopes that each stage of her art will be a contemplative invitation visualized in light of the freedom of contemporary art.

Artist Statement