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HMVC Gallery New York is an artist co-founded and managed online art gallery by a husband and wife duo, Heini Mika and Vincent Chang.

Heini Mika, the professional artist of the pair, described to Vincent one night her experience with an online art gallery and how their group show was a lackluster experience. Vincent, the business savvy art lover, then came up with the ”crazy” idea of them opening their own art gallery. Heini agreed and thus HMVC Gallery New York was born.

Heini Mika is a Finnish artist and curator who graduated with a degree in Fine Arts and Visual Communications from Finland’s prestigious Pekka Halonen Academy of Arts in 2008 and in 2011 she received her B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Worcester, UK.

In 2003 Vincent Chang received his B.A. in Business Management from Taiwan’s famous National Sun Yat-Sen University and in 2006 he graduated from Clark University in Massachusetts with an M.S. in Finance.

With this, we would like to let all our artists know that we are committed to providing opportunities for artists from all walks of life and around the World. We want HMVC Gallery New York to be a gallery artists can feel proud to be part of.

And as for art lovers, we wish to provide you with a wide range of exceptional artworks each season.


As an artist-lead gallery, our founding values are to empower and support artists in this highly competitive industry.

With HMVC Gallery New York, we wish to create a platform for artists where they can exhibit and sell their art, receive public acknowledgement, and receive encouragement on their artistic journey. Our aspiration is to be a leading regional, national and international online art gallery.

HMVC Gallery New York is a community where artists and art lovers come together to celebrate and support contemporary art and artists.

HMVC Gellery New York

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