ArtPlacer Solo Exhibitions

Lisa Batchelder

September 1 – September 30, 2023

Lisa Batchelder is a native Texas artist. Batchelder works in many different mediums but the two main mediums she gravitates toward are printmaking and ceramic sculpture. Her main goal with her work is to use her images as a vehicle of expression to evoke a response from the viewers and connect with them through art on a personal level. Using the human condition of shared experiences this artist hopes to touch all walks of life and all genders.

Batchelder’s work deals with the underlying issues with sea life. Her work shows the beauty of the underworld in the ocean yet it deals with the imagery of the loss of our underwater sea life. Batchelder does this by using bright colors and swirls to capture the viewers’ imagination It’s about the beauty of struggle. This native Texas Artist does this with large images that flow off the media. The artwork mediums of prints and ceramic sculptures are of a world not everyone gets to see with their own eyes. This makes her work unique.

Heini Mika

New York artist Heini Mika’s contemporary art serves the viewer a palette of vibrant colors and dynamic shapes while she lets you in on a story. For Heini, women, fairytales, and history have been an important source of inspiration throughout her career as an artist and this can be observed in her rich and intriguing original artworks.