Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work:

Every month we will arrange an online group exhibition with changing themes. Artists can submit their art via our submission form and once they have paid the submission fee, they’ll be considered for the exhibition.

Once the exhibition launches it will run for a month. HMVC Gallery New York will promote the exhibition on various social media platforms and participating artists will also be provided with promotional material in case they wish to promote the exhibition on their socials.

All of the artists participating in the group show will be awarded with a HMVC Gallery New York certificate of participation and every month we will award two outstanding artists with cash prizes and a third place artist will receive their own Solo Show the following month.

How many exhibitions do you do per month?

We do 1 Group exhibition and 1 Solo exhibition per month.

How much is the submission fee?

The submission fee is $40 and it is non-refundable.

Can artists duos, collaborations, or collectives apply?

Yes of course, just mention all the artist’s names within the duos/collaborations/collectives.

Can I edit or make changes to my application after submission?

Unfortunately no, you will not be able to edit or make changes to your application once we’ve received it. Please review your image selection and text thoroughly before submitting.

How will I know if I have been selected for the exhibition?

We will contact you via email once we have made the selection.

Do I retain the rights to my images and artwork?

Yes, absolutely. We may use your image to promote the exhibition, but you have the option to accept/decline this before you submit your work.

Do you sell art?

Yes, we do. The artists selected for a show have the option to sell their work through us. In the submission form there is a section where you can mention the price for your work. If you do not want to sell your work, leave that section blank.

How much is your commission fee?

Our commission fee for artworks sold through our site is 10%. We do not believe in taking a big chunk out of the artist’s hard earned sell, and the 10% we take will go towards website management and HMVC team’s salaries.

I want to buy a piece from your exhibition, how does it work?

When a buyer makes a purchase through us, we will be in touch with the artist and they are responsible for shipping the work to the buyer.

I am an artist and I just sold a piece, what now?

The artist exhibiting their work in our gallery have the option to sell their work through us.

When an artwork is sold, we will be in touch with the artist and it is the artist’s responsibility to
ship the artwork to the buyer. HMVC Gallery New York will give the artist half of the selling price when a purchase is made and the rest, minus our commission fee, will be released to the artist once the buyer confirms they have received the artwork.

I am an artist and I sold my artwork elsewhere, are you going to remove it from the exhibition?

No, but please let us know if this occours so we can mark your artwork accordingly.

Once the exhibition is finished, will my artwork still remain as for sale?

No, once the exhibition is finished, we will archive the show and all the artworks will no longer be up for sale.
HMVC Gellery New York

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