June 1 - 30, 2023

In old English, the word ”home” refers to a town or a place where many souls gather.

The modern definition of home states that home is “the abiding place of the affections” which perfectly sums up how most people today regard their homes.

When we are born, our first impression of home is the place our parents made for us.

As we grow and leave that home, we start to build our own ideas of what home is. The majority of us end up building a home that is very different from the one we started our life journey in, whether it be a new apartment, house, town, or community.

Artists have a long history of documenting the places they call home. Claude Monet painted the gardens at his Giverny home, Helene Schjerfbeck painted family members and events that took place in her home, and Andy Warhol photographed his studio ”the factory” in New York City. So we can conclude that the concept of home is universal, in the end, we end up creating a home that is unique to us.

In our June online group art show the 46 selected artworks depict the concept of homes.