Mary E. Morgan

Artist Bio

Mary Estep Morgan is a hard-working and ambitious woman. Simultaneously she raised a family of three children and taught school full-time for over thirty years. Mary taught all levels of art during her teaching tenure, including 14 years as an adjunct professor in the COFA at a local University. She is currently a working artist. Her primary medium is mixed-media painting. Mary says, “my abstract expressionist style is a process created by spontaneous mark-making. My artwork is influenced by internal and external experiences derived from conscious and subconscious thought.” Her artwork is about her life’s journey and the joy of living in abstract form and color.
Her external childhood influences include Fort Worth, Texas where she grew up, and she spent two years abroad because of her father’s work. At the age of ten, she lived in Cali Colombia, and for the second year in Zurich Switzerland where Mary, a senior in high school, attended the International School. She took her first art class under the direction of Rhoda Issacs.
Mary completed her undergraduate degree at Baylor University BS ’72 and her MA from TWU 2002
After Mary’s retirement in 2016, she had more time and a studio that allowed for creative development. The past six years have been undeniably the most significant for her artistic growth and development. Her subjects include influences from nature, spiritual truths, family, literature, and everyday events.
Among Mary’s goals is to continue developing her creative processes for further growth and development and engage in new opportunities to reach new audiences.

Artist Statement