Sue Skellern

Artist Bio

Sue Skellern, New Zealand Artist

CreaTIVE & BeauTIFUL & ImaginaTIVE. A Visual Artist creating beautiful imagery and creative photographic ART.

Sue Skellern embraced the creative sector as a visual artist-designer, photographer, and creator with imagination. Years of working with many mediums until recently selected to create a combination of reality and digital surrealism creating unique artworks.

Her work is spontaneous, often from a vision and then a scribble cultivating a story from images that evokes a feeling within you. Incorporating objects that have meaning to reflect their importance and create a mood atmosphere making it a meaningful piece, hoping to create a smile and conversation with the slight quirkiness in her images.

Sue’s career in the art industry evolved from being a graphic designer, and product developer to a display artist in the New Zealand Army, and then many years as an exhibition designer in the museum sector.

Currently residing in the Bay of Plenty, her passion is to create a smile! with artworks scattered around the world.

Artist Statement