Sherry Swafford Page

Artist Bio

Sherry is from the Midwest and began painting full-time after retiring to Florida.
She currently resides in SW Florida and enjoys painting contemporary abstracts. Being mostly self-taught she passionately paints in a unique way using lots of color and expressive movements! Her Native American ancestry is seen in many of her pieces with heavy texture, colorful paints, sharp lines, and marks which gives her art depth and expression. She paints in abstract form her feelings and experiences about life. She hopes her art encourages others to sense the beauty of life all around.
As an emerging new artist with unusual and unique talent, Sherry's work is being sold worldwide and admired by peers and art lovers.
Midwest in Springfield, MO. and Kansas City, Mo. as well in Southwest Florida in Bonita Springs, Fl., Fort Myers, Fl., and Punta Gorda Fl. cities, and online galleries here and abroad.
Art Show international Gallery
Finalist award ”Landscapes”. August 2022
Finalist award “Flower 4”. June 2022
Finalist Award “ Water 2” July 2022
Talent award “Abstract 1” February 2022
TeraVera Online Gallery
Talent Award “Colors” February 2023
Global Conclave Gallery
Bronze Award “Landscapes” November 2022
Luxembourg Recognition certificate 2021
Luxembourg Recognition certificate 2020

Artist Statement