Steven Dick

Artist Bio

78 years old California artist, who loves using bright primary colors and abstract shapes, and hidden sayings. Most of my paintings contain layers plus at least 2 or 3 other paintings underneath. I enjoy painting over paintings it gives lots of depth and texture.

When I was in school I was sent to the office quite a bit for daydreaming and doodling it was a crime in the 50's now in certain schools it is a class. When covid began I started repainting full-time and have never stopped. I have a studio in my house where I spend a lot of my days. It is a mess but not to me. I love creating art using different materials. Recently I have been using lots of different acrylic mediums, and pens. Paint, ink, and leaf blower spread the paints and ink, so now instead of getting sent to the office I get paid and I get to daydream and almost all day.

Artist Statement