Roberta Ceudek

Artist Bio

Italian, she was born in Napoli in 1970, but she lives in a small city near Milano since she was 15. After a life spent as a professional in the communication field, In 2017.
Roberta Ceudek started painting, as a self-apprentice, taking part in the collective “L’arte contemporanea che emerge” (Emerging contemporary art) by Fondazione Mazzoleni in Alzano Lombardo (BG, Italy) and made her first solo exhibition “ULTRAVIOLET” at La Polvere di Bacco in Legnano (MI, Italy). She is the mother of a beautiful, smart 18 aged girl, Viola, and she loves traveling and tasting wines, for she is attending the second level of a Sommelier Fisar course. She is curious and empathetic and she writes tales and poems.

Artist Statement