Dan McCormack

Artist Bio

Dan McCormack earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Photography at the Institute of Design in Chicago. He went on to an MFA in Photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. While a student there he Photographed his first nudes and that became his theme for his MFA Thesis. Dan earned his MFA degree in 1969.

Then for over fifty years, Dan continued exploring the theme of the NUDE with different techniques, processes, and cameras.

Around 1999, Dan began to explore the Pinhole Camera for almost twenty years. He shot 8x10 film in a homemade Pinhole camera using a Quaker Oats container. His project was “NUDE at HOME” and Dan’s exposures were two minutes, even while using a 650-watt studio lamp.

Around 2018 Dan began to explore the cell phone camera. The cell phone camera made making an image very spontaneous. He could make about fifty images in the time it would take to make one pinhole camera image. Because of this, he began to work with a 3x3 grid as he had many time-related images.

Artist Statement