Todd Swart

Artist Bio

A relative latecomer to the world of art, I had barely even picked up a paintbrush before my mid 30’s. Then, almost on a whim, I decided to enroll in classes at Mission Renaissance Fine Art Studios near my home in Pasadena California. I quickly became absorbed in the fundamental techniques of drawing and painting, and I have been passionate about the process of creating art ever since. I actively seek out beauty wherever it may be found; tapping both the urban and the natural world as sources of inspiration. Childhood camping trips to the Sierra Mountains instilled in me a love of the natural world. The dramatic California scenery left a lasting impression, and I have often returned to the eastern Sierras for the subject matter and to reconnect with nature. In addition to the many locations I paint in and around the LA area, I have traveled with my painting gear to such places as Joshua Tree National Park, Tucson Arizona, and Cache Valley Utah.

Artist Statement