Dominic Wordlaw

Artist Bio

Dominic Wordlaw is a Mixed-Media artist based out of North Hollywood, California. Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, creating free-form expression was always in his blood, and pursuing his passion for the arts was inevitable from an early age. has been Dominic’s passion from a young age with sketches of abstract creatures and nature, which later turned into more abstract drawings and paintings.

Dominic pursued his passion for the arts at the University of Colorado where he received his Bachelor in Fine Arts. He discovered many art forms, all of which he fell in love with exploring. In particular, he discovered a fascination with sculpture-making and interactive art during his studies.

After college, he moved to California to advance his career in the entertainment industry. His professional work experience includes working as a production assistant in the art department for television shows at Paramount Pictures, freelance production design work for music videos, and for various promotional product content. He is also a skilled creative writer and screenwriter for television shows and movies He has ultimately gained an appreciation for all mediums of creativity.

Dominic’s brand, FrameDomain signifies his vision of delving into new realities of his own creation, a.k.a. his domains.

Dominic hopes to inspire the world to think beyond pre-defined standards, find truth in creative thought and expression, and curate new realities through his artwork.

Dominic has engaged his work in several public settings such as art fairs, gallery exhibits, and solo exhibitions across Los Angeles, such as Pancakes and Booze at Catch One (2022), “Art in The Garden" at the Rose Gardens Festival(2022), and current exhibit at The ArtDept._WeHo gallery in West Hollywood, along with several others.

Artist Statement