Hana Aviv

Artist Bio

Hana Aviv, a watercolor artist based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, has always had an innate talent for art. Her artistic journey began with classes at the Montclair Arts Museum (MAM), where she experimented with various media and painting styles. However, it was under the guidance of Sharon Pitts, a skilled watercolor instructor at MAM, that Hana discovered her true passion for the captivating medium of watercolors.

In addition to her watercolor pursuits, Hana studied drawing at the Zimmerli Art Museum in New Brunswick and continues to actively participate in workshops and art classes to further refine her skills.

Hana is an active member of both the New Jersey Watercolor Society and the Garden State Watercolor Society, contributing to the thriving art community in the region. Her art has gained recognition, and she proudly showcases her paintings at the prestigious Alfa Art Gallery in New Brunswick as part of the annual New Brunswick Salon of Watercolor and Mixed Media.
Originally from Prague, Czech Republic, Hana's creative roots can be traced back to her great-grandmother, who taught her the art of crochet. The intricate patterns and designs from her childhood have left a lasting impression, influencing her artistic style and expression.

Despite her passion for art, Hana pursued a career in Medical Sciences while nurturing her artistic talents simultaneously. The seamless balance of her scientific pursuits and artistic endeavors has enriched her life and granted her a unique perspective on creativity.

Today, Hana Aviv continues to capture the essence of beauty and emotion through her watercolor artworks. Her paintings reflect a harmonious blend of her diverse influences, academic background, and the vibrant spirit of New Jersey. With each brushstroke, she brings to life a world of color and imagination that resonates with art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Artist Statement