Audrey Martin

Artist Bio

I am a multi-media artist who toggles between abstractions of landscapes, filaments of the human experience, lines, and shapes, to make connections between history, places, and the human & non-human world.

I'm also a psychotherapist working in private practice, as well as facilitating groups for people who want to explore the feelings associated with our climate crises.

In my art and as a mental health care provider it's clear that attending to the planet means attending to each other - connecting in unexpected ways - open to finding solutions inclusive of our humanity and our vulnerability. I see collaboration - a blending of ideas, weaving between disciplines, partnering between diverse and disparate ways of thinking - to be the key component in our collective response to climate change. Artistically and clinically, I believe that finding a way to stay engaged with our climate reality is the fundamental task of our time - and is the driving focus of my artistic work.

Artist Statement