Petra Stelling

Artist Bio

Petra Stelling is a self-taught German artist born in 1968. Her story resonates with the transformative power of artistic expression. Living in Neumünster, Schleswig-Holstein, she initially pursued social work, a path chosen due to familial circumstances. Despite this divergence, her inherent passion for art remained undiminished. This dedication to art was not just a professional choice but a personal one, as it offered a means to navigate and reshape the contours of her life. Stelling’s creative journey, marked by a transition from a structured life to one of artistic freedom, illustrates the profound impact of the environment on an artist’s work. In 2003 she had her first solo exhibition at a local gallery-restaurant. This event marked the beginning of a series of group and solo exhibitions, culminating in her expanding her reach to digital exhibitions, including one in Miami in 2023.

The pivotal moment in Petra’s artistic evolution came with her move to a new studio in April 2022. This change catalyzed a dramatic shift in her style, which became more expressive and unrestrained. Her work has evolved into a more abstract and expressive form, mirroring the tumultuous state of the world. This shift is indicative of Stelling’s sensitivity to her surroundings and her ability to channel her emotional responses into her art. Stelling’s artistic themes are as varied and profound as her style. She delves into subjects like emotions, mental health, female empowerment, and soulful landscapes.

Artist Statement