Edward M. Donald

2 Muses Realization Blue

Medium: Ink, Pastel, Charcoal And Conti On Paper

Dimensions (In INs): 28 x 16

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Recent exhibitions included work at the Art Box Gallery/Zürich, Switzerland; Biennale Artbox Expo, Venice, Diversia international group exhibition, Toronto, Canada, Nudus Exhibition & Publication, Toronto, Canada, Plantarium International Exhibition & Publication, Toronto, Canada, SWA – Art Invitational, Southwest USA, MvVO Art Exhibition, New York, Art Metropole Europe, Barcelona, Spain; The Extended Body, International Art Exhibition, London, UK; Art Box/Eduardo Lira Art Gallery, Miami; Art Expo, Zürich, Switzerland; Art Box, Basel, Switzerland; Art Box/Stricoff Gallery, New York; The Scarab Club for artists, Detroit; The Brooklyn Art Library, New York.

Recently, my work has captured the interest of collectors in North America and Europe.

I have been an adjunct instructor of visual art at colleges in Canada and the USA and am currently instructing at College for Creative Studies, Department of Precollege & Continuing Education in Detroit, Michigan.

Prior to my fine arts career, I held executive-level positions in advertising and communications as an art director and illustrator in Canada and USA working on Fortune 500 businesses. Today and into the future, I am totally committed to continuing my gallery work and the education of visual artists.

Artist Statement