Mikaela Shafer

Admiral 1/2

Medium: Mixed Media Textile And Acrylic Painting Using Dyed And Painted Paper, Thread, And Repurposed Materials

Dimensions (In INs): 6 x 6

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Mikaela Shafer is an indigenous mother, interdisciplinary artist, and writer living in Olympia, Washington. She has been a costume designer, sculpture writer, and painter since she was a child. Her writing and community-building work led to her being named one of Northern Utah's women who have influenced the history of the community and the development of education and are bringing the area forward for the next generation. Mikaela's current work is a return to her painting roots while exploring how to coalesce all the art forms she has been passionate about into one piece to weave together her story.

Artist Statement