Bobby Kim Ling Chen

American Jukebox

Medium: Digital Arts

Dimensions (In INs): 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels

Country: Hong Kong

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Artist Bio

Bobby is an “end-to-end” digital artist who does all the work himself. He is equipped with specialized skills in image/video processing, digital generative and derivatives arts, etc., using diversified methods, multiple software, and techniques to derive his creatives.

In terms of style and themes, Bobby likes colorful stuff. Although some of his works may carry similar themes, he believes “while imagination has no border, art has no limit”, and that includes the techniques used in turning imagination into realization, and injecting digital science into the presentation process of the creatives.

Bobby believes that most artworks existed due to the intention of the artist to “communicate” his/her feelings to others, be it on an aesthetic piece of work, a sculpture, an illusion, a game, etc. In recent years, the rapid advancements in digital science may have added more venues and techniques for an artist to “communicate” his/her feeling, which may otherwise be lacking in traditional arts. These advanced techniques could include using AR, multimedia, website, metaverse, etc., This application of digital science on traditional arts created a hybrid known as “Digital Arts”, which is understood by many as “artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process”. However, in Bobby’s opinion, whereas digital technology is used in the creative process, it is currently underutilized in its use in the presentation.

Bobby further believes the introduction of digital science into arts would eventually bring about a paradigm switch as to how arts would be appreciated in the future. For example, expression may no longer need to be confined to the creative itself as additional elements of surprise, participation, interaction, engagement, etc., may now be “extended” outside the realm of the original creation with the help of technology onto other “digital devices” such as mobile phones.

Artist Statement