Britten Elizabeth

★ Angelic ★

Medium: Mixed

Dimensions (In INs): 30 x 30

Country: United States of America

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Artist Bio

Growing up in the colorful city of San Francisco and studying art in historic Florence, Italy gave me a wide range of artistic abilities. Experience as a graphic, portrait, and mural artist has helped me find true expression in the contemporary art world.

I start every painting with a handmade alder wood frame stretched with organic cotton canvas. After the gesso, I apply a water-based layer, giving the painting texture. Layers of gold, silver, and copper leaf are then followed by French-milled, museum-quality oil paint and resin. This unique layering technique gives my paintings a luminous quality ranging from peaceful and ethereal to vibrant and lively.

Currently based in Edwards, my creativity mirrors an internal landscape of emotion inspired by Colorado’s dramatic, wide-open spaces. I paint with the skill and aesthetic sensitivity acquired from experience and fearless exploration of endless possibilities.

Artist Statement