Karen Gaudette

Arduinna (Goddess Of The Ardennes Forest)

Medium: Scratchboard

Dimensions (In INs): 19 x 17

Country: United States of America

Artist Bio

Karen Gaudette is an artist and teacher living in western Massachusetts. For over two decades, she has worked exclusively in scratchboard. Trained as a printmaker at the University of Massachusetts but with a lifelong passion for drawing, Gaudette favors scratchboard as her medium of choice since it has the immediacy of drawing with the look of woodcuts and engravings.

Her work has been exhibited throughout the country including California, Illinois, Indiana, and Vermont. In 2016, Gaudettte had a solo exhibit at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center in Brattleboro, Vermont. In addition to displaying the original drawings, her scratchboard illustrations have appeared in calendars, datebooks, and magazines both regionally and nationally.

Artist Statement